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Músicos música clásica cartagena de indias colombia

Heroica Brass is the only brass ensemble dedicated to classical music in the city of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia. Not that our ensemble considers itself very heroic, but this trait distinguishes the city where we are playing: Cartagena de Indias, also known as “the heroic”, withstood several pirate and British Marine attacks back in its founding years around 1550. This is also about the time when most of the pieces we play were composed, but in Europe.

The ensemble started in 2004 with the wish of our Horn player Thomas Hürlimann to play music from the renaissance in a group – in the tradition of the great Philip Jones Brass Ensemble – but he could not find any existing group neither in the city nor in the state; therefore he searched for the best brasswind musicians in Cartagena de Indias and founded Heroica Brass especially for this type of music. After more then a year of preparation, the ensemble had its official start with three concerts in December 2006.

Heroica Brass plays concerts with works for six musicians from composers of the renaissance, baroque or classical period. Most of the pieces we play were arranged especially for our group because usually they were composed for quartet, quintet or big orchestra.

We always prefer to play in big churches because of the acoustic. The ensemble is available to play for events like weddings, masses, and festivals. We also do special presentations for schools, because we find taking this opportunity for the live presentation of classical music very important for education. We basically try to communicate what we wrote in our "guide to classical music".

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Thomas Hurlimann, Corno Frances   HORN, DIRECTOR & FOUNDER
Thomas Hürlimann
The Founder of Heroica Brass, has returned to Switzerland. He did studies in Switzerland of Piano and Percussion before he began with the French Horn with teachers Karl Fässler in Zug, Stefan Ruf and Heiner Krause in Basel. See Thom's horn recordings.

Mauro Ferri, Trompeta Bugle   TRUMPET & FLUGELHORN
Mauro Ferri
Studies of Trumpet at Conservatory M. L. D'Annunzio in Italy. Founder of Grupo Niche, Cali. Member of the Calamari Big Band, he also has played with Jimmy Salsedo, Francisco Sumaque, Richi Rey. Teacher for Trumpet, Euphonium and Tuba at "Bellas Artes" school in Cartagena.
Carlos   TRUMPET
Carlos Mario Paternino
As a student of the Comfenalco college, he was playing with the Philarmonica Orchestra of Comfenalco, with a national tour to Bogota and Ibague. Student of teachers like Alvaro Hernandez, Julio Sanchez (from Ibague conservatory ) and Milton Suescon from UNAB.
Jose Luis Montes, Corno Frances   FRENCH HORN
Jose Luis Montes
Music studies with Cesar & Santos Lazo, and others. Study of Trumpet, studies of French Horn thanks to Rupert Sierra, advanced studies as an auto-didact. First horn of National Navy Band and of the Chamber Orchestra (Soc. Mejoras Publicas) of Cartagena.
Diana Alvis Alzamar
As a student of the Comfenalco college, she was playing 1st Horn with the Philarmonica Orchestra of Comfenalco, also during a national tour to Bogota and Ibague. Teachers Julian Espinoza y Julio Sanchez. Also playing with the Choral and Orchestra of Felipe Madarriaga.
Victoria   TROMBONE
Victoria Eugenia Del Rio Méndez
Student of psychology at the Technological University of Cartagena. Study of Trombone with teacher Julio Sánchez Quevedo, actually plays with the Philarmony of Cartagena, the Cartagena Caribe Big Band and Heroica Brass.
Cesar   TUBA
Cesar Augusto Lopez Heredia
Studies of Trombone with Prof. Tetsuo Kagekira and David Lloyd. Played Tuba at the Orchestra "Sinfonica Juvenil de Colombia". Was member of the Big Band Bolero Show and the Real Big Band in Bogotá. Cesar also is the administrator of the ensemble.
Milton Suescun, Trumpet   TRUMPET & FLUGELHORN
Milton Leandro Suescun
Participant of the Ferrara Buskers festival in Italy. Master of music from the Universidad Autónoma Bucaramanga, played with the Santander Philarmonics, the jazz band UNAB. Founder of the "Saya"-Quintet. Teaching for ministerial of culturs and Comfenalco school of Cartagena.
Julio Sanchez, Trombone   TROMBONE
Julio Cesar Sanchez Quevedo
Studies of Trombone in Germany. Studies of Trombone at Conservatory of Tolima, was playing with the symphonic band of Tolima and the symphonic police band. Teaching at Comfenalco school of Cartagena.
Jorge Emilio Pardo
Study of Trumpet since 2000, since 2002 study at Comfenalco college with teachers Alvaro Hernandes, Julian Espinoza, Julio Sanchez and Milton Soescon. Currently following further studies in Bucaramanga.




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