As this free image requests are of lower priority then payed image requests, please allow us some more time to prepare it and send it to you. You should usually get your free image in 24 hours (except weekend).

There is also a list of already prepared free images for you for immediate use.


In exchange for a link back to our homepage you can get an image of your choice in the size of max. 250 x 250 pixels, without marks. You are allowed to use it on websites only, and there MUST be the following link back to us next to the image (copy it into your HTML-source-code):

Image by <a href="http://www.ecliptic.ch/Stock/home.html"> Ecliptic Stock Illustrations </a>

We will check from time to time if the link is placed. Without it the use of the image is not allowed and will be treated as a copyright abuse. There is a maximum of 3 images allowed per domainname.


To request your image, fill out the following form:

Image ID
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(URL of the website where you will place the image.)
Please make shure the backlink is in place where you want the image to be. We will send you the image after we see the backlink in place.



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You may not reproduce the image files on or as part of a product (intended for resale) where the focus or main selling feature are the image files themselves (Ex. Mugs, Coloring Book).

Acknowledgement of http://www.ecliptic.ch/Stock/home.html as the source for the image files is strongly required.

Images taken from this website may not be used for, or in conjunction with, projects that could be seen to be of a libelous, defamatory, pornographic or harmful nature, including but not limited to websites related to creationism or racism.

Limited Warranty

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This limitation applies even if Ecliptic, or any authorized representative or reseller has been advised of the possibility of such damage. You acknowledge that the license fee (payment) reflects this allocation of risk.

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