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Last chance for real change

Many democratic societies, including our own, are increasingly struggling against varieties of problems. For 5 years, 14 of the worlds most renowned universities have combined their efforts to reveal causes and develop solutions.

We see it coming. Rising numbers of people drop from middle class into poverty, climate change affects us more each year and desperate voters fall into the hands of populism. And we know it: Any system based on consumption and growth is destined to collapse.
A consensus of the research paper published in Cambridge Journal of Social Policy reads: We see it, we know it, but we hold on to our comforts. History shows it is human nature that people hold on to how things are, until the very last. This is specially true for those in power, sadly the ones most likely being able to enforce change, are the last ones who want it. So, usually a system first has to collapse, in order for it to change.
The paper identifies democracy's closeness to capitalism ultimately as its downfall, getting consumed by big, influential companies. And it lists specific measures how to counteract this development. In short, the solution lies in a better understanding of our country as a community and to understand that it needs more social conscience and empathy and less conservative ideals of greed and egoism. The paper shows mechanics for a more balanced system between socialism and capitalism which leads to stability and sustainability.

Windows causing state of emergency

Since yesterday Italy gets rolled over by crime, mostly bank robbery, apparently executed by unpretentious citizens. Some hours before, Microsoft launched the latest Windows 23 Italian update which included severe security holes. It's vulnerabilities quickly got exploited by hackers, gathering data from peoples computers and cell phones. Those people then got blackmailed and forced to robbery and violence all over the country. The Italian government is taking actions to stop the crisis.

Africa and India to receive help from China

During the past years, both regions have excessively crossed over to use genetical engineered crops in order to increase their output. As a result, insect pests have adapted and multiplied to a degree never seen before. Measures to save the harvest consequently left most of the soil barren. Furthermore, farmers have become completely dependent on the big pharma companies, because GM crops can not be multiplied. China has learned this lesson years before and since has cultivated mostly biological sustainable agriculture with unexpected big success. Their experts will now help Africa and India to do the same.

All research papers now open to public

Anyone who wants to read a research journal article often has to pay publishers for it. This has always been strange, as the research itself mostly is done with government money and donations. While a group of researchers developed recommendations to fix our democratic societies, they also found it important to finally have one central interuniversitary way for all scientists worldwide to publish their work in, so they created the OPUDOS (open public domain scientific) Library. An interuniversitary fund will cover the publishers costs to integrate all their papers into the library. After that, all publishers will disconnect from any publishing of research papers.

Usenet shutdown prevented

The Supreme Court of the United States rejected today a lawsuit of the RIAA and major film studios against all Usenet providers. Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor explained: "The governments position is clearly not to artificially give life support to enterprises who are outdated and not needed anymore. The Usenet, same as any other part of the internet, has no fault when the industry failed to serve the consumers interests and failed to go with technological advancements of our time, but instead intentionally restrict the usability of their products. What those big labels are doing is simply holding on to past business models and expect the world around them to adapt." The courts decision is final. It also includes recommendations for changes in copyright policies. "Too many complications have been laid on the public and on artists. Those companies even influenced government surveillance and police work. This has to stop." The recommendations also mention a methodical abuse of artists rights that has to be addressed. The RIAA was not available for comments.

Production business deeply affected by new laws

Based on reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, president Trump's "Make America great again" measures are having the contrary effect. Since 2017 unemployment has constantly risen to now 13%. For once, labor unions, companies and industry have come together with their critic against the White House: "we suffer on all fronts from the actual migration and international trade politics of demarcation. We can not buy existing technology we need, we have to produce them ourselves while loosing market shares, we can not export because our products became too expensive and other countries don't buy from us because we are not allowed to buy from them. Also we miss talents from the south and overseas as we are not allowed to employ foreigners.".